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Let’s keep our eye on the ball here.  With all of the talk about derivatives, Ponzi schemes, bank failures/bailouts, asset allocations, adjustable rate securities, and the like, DOES YOUR ADVISOR MAKE MONEY FOR YOU? It's a very simple question. After the last market cycle, does your financial “guy” have you better off now than you were when the cycle began?  Isn’t that what financial people are supposed to do?  Make money for clients like you? Here is a significant part of the problem:  Many (most) of the people in the financial services industry have no ability to analyze and select individual investments (to make money).  But the money earned working in the financial services industry is good, real good for some.  Because of this inability, most “planners” recommended that their clients employ "professional management".  But, I thought that was what a financial advi... (more)

Unemployment – Causes and Consequences

Somewhere on the internet last week, mention was made that unemployment for high income people was (essentially) non-existent, while extremely high for low income earners. I was able to track down that data for the fourth quarter of 2009. Here it is by income: As you can clearly see the lower income levels are experiencing the greatest difficulty finding jobs. Interestingly enough, this data is not making its way into the mainstream. But even more interesting is the set of “circumstances” that has caused this, or at least occurred in the same approximate time frame. Minimum Wage... (more)

Further Thoughts on Unemployment

Several days ago I wrote a piece on Unemployment and the disparities existing between upper and lower income workers. In that piece, I mentioned the negative impact that illegal aliens have on wages and job opportunities for those that are already suffering in this economy. Several folks took offense that I would discuss this subject directly as I did. This is my additional thinking on the subject: 1. I speak from a position of personal experience and direct knowledge on the subject, having played a significant role in three different people emigrating from three different nation... (more)

Get Out of Debt

It’s not all that often that hard financial news comes out in the local newspaper on Saturday.  This morning was an exception when it was announced that a local company suddenly closed it doors after 54 years of existence, productivity, and service. The story says investors worked “diligently to save” the company.  Obviously to no avail.  But the next line is the one that should garner all the attention in this situation: “unforeseen expenses made satisfying debt obligations insurmountable”.  You’re going to hear more companies cite some sort of similar situation in the coming mo... (more)

Christmas Could Never Get Started Today

This time of year is a favorite for children of all ages – I happen to be one of these kids – in part because of the television programs that are shown around Christmas. A Charlie Brown Christmas, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, have been favorites of mine since TV went from exclusively black and white to poor quality color. This is no coincidence as these programs were made in the mid 1960’s. As I was watching this year, it occurred to me that if at this time in history Christmas had not yet been established, if so... (more)